Curriculum Requirements for Executive M.B.A.

Major Requirements

Executive M.B.A. Credits:
In addition to the 36 credit hour curriculum requirement, students will be engaged into co-curricular activities that are experiential-based and also include trips to cultural locations and visits to other colleges and universities. Student experiences may also include the issuance of educational certificates, as a function of the particular co-curricular experiences chosen.
Core Courses Credits:
MGMT 501 Principles of Management 1.5
MGMT 620 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior 1.5
SBES 601 Ethics and Social Responsibility 1.5
MGMT 630 Business Enterprise Environment 1.5
    Total: 6 Credits

Select three of the following five modules to complete a total of nine credits

Finance Module Credits:
FINC 501 Finance 1.5
FINC 610 Financial Policy and Value Creation 1.5
    Total: 3 Credits
Marketing Module Credits:
MRKT 501 Introduction to Marketing 1.5
MRKT 610 Branding 1.5
    Total: 3 Credits
Management Information System Module Credits:
MIST 501 Management Information System 1.5
MIST 610 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 1.5
    Total: 3 Credits
Quantitative Analysis Module Credits:
QANT 510 Production/Operations Management 1.5
QANT 610 Operations Management 1.5
    Total: 3 Credits
Economics Module Credits:
ECON 501 Principles of Economics I 1.5
ECON 610 Macro Environment of Business 1.5
    Total: 3 Credits
Co-capstones Credits:
BUSI 740 Global Strategy I 3
BUSI 750 Global Strategy II 3
    Total: 6 Credits
Electives Credits:
Required Elective Courses* 15
*Elective courses must be chosen in collaboration with partner institutions. Elective courses are typically selected from the portfolio of M.B.A. electives or concentration courses.
Total Required Credits = 36