Curriculum Requirements for the Master of Business Administration

Major Requirements

Waivable Program Core (Prerequisite Courses) Credits:
ACCT 501 Accounting I 1.5
ACCT 510 Managerial Accounting 1.5
BUSI 510 Business Research Methods 1.5
ECON 501 Principles of Economics I 1.5
ECON 510 Principles of Economics II 1.5
FINC 501 Finance 1.5
MGMT 501 Principles of Management 1.5
MIST 501 Management Information Systems 1.5
MRKT 501 Introduction to Marketing 1.5
QANT 501 Business Statistics 1.5
QANT 510 Production and Operations Management 1.5
QANT 520 Management Science 1.5
    Total: 18 Credits
All students must complete this 18-credit core requirement. Courses may be waived in those instances where the undergraduate experience includes course equivalencies. Courses in this core are offered to M.B.A. students in an accelerated format.
Non-Waivable Program Core Credits:
ACCT 610 Accounting Analysis 1.5
BUSI 610 Professional Development Seminar 0
ECON 601 Managerial Economics for Decision Making 3
FINC 601 Financial Management 3
MGMT 620 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior 1.5
MGMT 630 Business Enterprise Environment 1.5
MIST 610 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 1.5
MRKT 620 Strategic Marketing and Branding 3
QANT 630 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
    Total: 18 Credits
The non-waivable core is an integrated educational experience where courses are delivered in modules and are highly interdisciplinary. Modules in this core may not be waived, nor can credit hours be transferred into the Division of Management as substitutes for these modules. The core must be completed, in its entirety, in the Division of Management.
Required Capstone (choose one) Credits:
BUSI 650 Business Analytics and Decision Making 3
MGMT 650 Strategic Leadership Capstone 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration students must take BUSI 650 as their required capstone course.
Elective Coursework Credits:
XXXX 700 Upper-level electives 9
Students pursuing the General M.B.A. (without a concentration) must complete, in addition to the waivable and non-waivable core requirements, nine credits of elective coursework. Courses may be chosen from the array of 700-level offerings in the school's multiple disciplines.

Students interested in pursuing experiential-based internships may also enroll into our zero-credit internship BUSIE 650.

Students who choose to pursue the M.B.A. with a concentration must complete 15 credits in addition to the waivable and non-waivable core requirements. Courses that are required in each of the three available concentration areas are specified below.
Business Analytics Concentration (select five) Credits:
BUSA 701 Data Interaction and Visualization 3
BUSA 705 Predictive Analytics 3
BUSA 715 Social Network Analytics 3
BUSA 720 Managerial Decision Modelling 3
MIST 725 Fundamental Tools for Data Science 3
    Total: 15 Credits
MIST 725 is cross-listed with DTSC 501: Fundamental Tools for Data Science.
Finance Concentration Requirement Credits:
ACCT 721 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
FINC 765 Portfolio Management 3
    Total: 6 Credits
Finance Concentration (select three) Credits:
ACCT 713 Financial Statement Analysis 3
FINC 705 International Finance 3
FINC 734 Analysis and Valuation of Equity Investments 3
FINC 736 Management of Valuation of Fixed Income Securities 3
FINC 740 Derivatives Analysis 3
FINC 760 Corporate Financial Decision Making 3
BUSIE 700 Faculty-Led Study Abroad 3
    Total: 9 Credits
** Students pursuing the M.B.A. Finance concentration with the CFA track must complete exactly five courses (15 credits) chosen from the list (excluding BUSIE 700).
Marketing Concentration (select five) Credits:
MRKT 615 Technical Sales and Marketing 3
MRKT 710 International Marketing 3
MRKT 715 Marketing Communication and Promotion 3
MRKT 745 Internet Marketing 3
MRKT 750 Marketing Research for Managerial Decisions 3
MRKT 765 Marketing of New Products 3
MRKT 775 Consumer Behavior 3
    Total: 15 Credits
BUSIE 700 Faculty-Led Study Abroad or another relevant course may be substituted for MRKT 710 by approval of the department chair.
Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration (select five) Credits:
MGMT 780 Supply Chain Management 3
MGMT 785 Decision Support Systems 3
QANT 750 Simulation Modeling 3
QANT 755 Management Science Applications 3
QANT 760 Operations Management Applications 3
    Total: 15 Credits
BUSIE 700 Faculty-Led Study Abroad or another relevant course may be substituted for MGMT 780 or QANT 760, by approval of the department chair.
Total Required Credits = 48–54

The General M.B.A. program may be completed in as few as 30 credits for those students that do not pursue a concentration. Students with a concentration may complete the program in as few as 36 credits. The program consists of the waivable program core, the non-waivable program core, capstone course, and either elective or concentration courses.