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Advanced Certificate Programs for Professionals

Career change, advancement, evolving job requirements, and competition require professionals to increase their capabilities throughout their careers. New York Tech's advanced certificate programs are intended for professionals with either M.B.A. or baccalaureate degrees who seek to gain specialization in new fields.

Certificate students have the same courses available as those available to M.B.A. students choosing that area of concentration. Each advanced certificate has its own unique curriculum and total number of credits. Specific details are given on each curriculum page.


Students are expected to perform at the same level as matriculated M.B.A. students, and must complete the approved sequence of courses with an average of B (3.0) or better to earn the advanced certificate.


The sequence of courses for each of the certificates will be decided by the student and their advisor to provide proper foundation and learning for the certificate subject matter. Substitution of alternative courses may be permitted, but only where the student has successfully completed an equivalent graduate course or for an equally significant reason and only with the approval of a faculty advisor.

Business Analytics

The business analytics advanced certification provides students the skills needed to implement and oversee data-driven business decisions such as (i) collecting, cleaning, wrangling, describing, and visualizing large datasets, (ii) forming inferences and predictions from data, and (iii) making robust decisions.

This certification is designed to train students on statistical analysis, data visualization, database management, and machine learning applications in different business functional areas. These courses prepare students to solve business problems that require the application of contemporary business analytics techniques. Also, provide training on business analytics tools such as Python programming, SQL, Tableau, spreadsheets, etc., with case studies and real-world examples from different business disciplines.


The certificate will provide students with specific knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to launch, change or advance a career in the field of marketing. This is aligned with the New York Tech mission to provide career-oriented professional education to all qualified students.

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Persons interested in enrolling in an advanced certificate program must apply through the graduate admissions office and must (a) hold a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university and (b) show evidence of prerequisite competency in the certificate area either through completion of relevant undergraduate courses or through appropriate life experience. The latter is established through standard university procedures (portfolio, examination).

Applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance to or rejection from the program.

Enrollment into the M.B.A. program

Students in an advanced certificate program who wish to matriculate in the M.B.A. program must follow the process outlined in this catalog. In most cases, students may apply courses completed in advanced certificate programs toward requirements for the M.B.A. degree.