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Undergraduate Minors

The School of Management offers a minor open to all undergraduate students who are majoring in other disciplines.

Business for Non-business Majors

Enrolling in the business minor ensures that students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers. By pursuing this minor, students will gain essential insights into core business areas, significantly enhancing their prospects for career success post-graduation. Tailored to provide students with a competitive edge in entry-level business roles and facilitate long-term career advancement, the curriculum focuses on cultivating adaptable skill sets. These include critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical decision making, clear communication of complex ideas, and effective teamwork—all essential competencies for thriving in a dynamic professional landscape.

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Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship

The College of Engineering and Computing Sciences along with the School of Management, and in association with the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC), has established a Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship. The primary outcome of this innovative minor is to produce versatile graduates who can launch their own technology-based enterprises or are capable of growth within industry, by teaching them how to apply entrepreneurial principles of innovation and strategic problem solving to a technology field. Key skills include: a) an increased confidence to form and work in collaborative teams; b) an understanding of the processes to get from developed technology concepts or new ideas to the formation of a start-up; and c) becoming equipped with the experiential and foundational knowledge of how to find financial resources to form a viable company.

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