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Esports Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Esports Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate prepares students for both employment and start-up opportunities in the esports industry. The program applies management and entrepreneurial concepts to the field of esports and engages students with experiential educational activities. This certificate provides knowledge grounded in practical aspects of esports management and prepares students to grasp available career opportunities in the American digital gaming industries. Further, this certificate program provides opportunities for students to learn the fundamentals of esports business and management, the concepts of small business management and venture creation, and the aspects of doing marketing and managing for esports organizations.

Career change, advancement, evolving job requirements, and competition require professionals to increase their capabilities throughout their careers. New York Tech’s certificate programs are intended for professionals with either baccalaureate degrees or higher secondary who seek to gain specialization in new fields.

Certificate students have the same courses available as those available to Business Administration, B.S. students. This certificate has its own unique curriculum and total number of credits (12).


Students are expected to perform at the same level as matriculated Business Administration, B.S. students, and must complete the approved sequence of courses with an average of D (1.0) or better to earn the certificate.


The sequence of courses for the certificate will be decided by the student and their advisor to provide a proper foundation and learning for the certificate subject matter. Substitution of alternative courses may be permitted, but only where the student has successfully completed an equivalent graduate course or for an equally significant reason and only with the approval of a faculty advisor.

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This program follows our general admission requirements.

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