Curriculum Requirements for Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Major Requirements

Required Courses Credits:
EENG 635 Probability and Stochastic Processes 3
EENG 641 Computer Architecture I 3
EENG 665 Linear Systems 3
EENG 770 Digital Communications 3
    Total: 12 Credits
Thesis Track Credits:
EENG 889 MS Thesis I1 3
EENG 891 MS Thesis II1 3
    Total: 6 Credits
(1) Non-Thesis Track students do not take these courses.
Electrical/Computer Electives2 Credits:
EENG/CSCI/INCS XXX Any graduate course within the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences approved by the chair/advisor3 12–18
    Total: 12–18 Credits
(2) Thesis Track take 12 credits. Non-Thesis Track take 18 credits.

(3) No more than six credits can be taken from CSCI and INCS courses.
Total Required Credits = 30