Curriculum for Master of Science in Cybersecurity (Information, Network, and Computer Security)

Major Requirements

Information, Network, and Cybersecurity Credits:
CSCI 620 Operating System Security 3
CSCI 651 Algorithm Concepts 3
INCS 618 Computer Security Risk Management and Legal Issues 3
    Total: 9 Credits
Computer Security Credits:
INCS 615 Advanced Network and Internet Security 3
INCS 741 Cryptography 3
INCS 745 Intrusion Detection and Hacker Exploits 3
    Total: 9 Credits
Thesis Track1 Credits:
INCS 890 MS Thesis I2 3
INCS 891 MS Thesis II2 3
    Total: 6 Credits
(1) Thesis track is not offered at the Vancouver campus.

(2) Non-Thesis Track students do not take these courses.
Electives Credits:
CSCI/INCS XXX Any graduate course within the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences approved by the chair/advisor3 6–12
INCS 712 Computer Forensics4 3
INCS 775 Data Center Security4 3
    Total: 6–12 Credits
(3) Thesis Track must choose six credits. Non-Thesis Track must choose 12 credits.

(4) All Vancouver campus students are required to take these courses in place of six credits of electives.
Total Required Credits = 30