Curriculum Requirements for Minor in Literature and Culture

Minor Requirements

Electives (choose five) Credits:
ICLT 300 Core Seminar in Literature 3
ICLT 301 Contemporary American Immigrant Literature 3
ICLT 302 Strange Creations: Literature, Intelligent Technology, and Ethics 3
ICLT 303 On the Visionary Frontier: Science Fiction and its Cultural Significance 3
ICLT 304 Children's Literature 3
ICLT 305 America, the Promised Land: Religious Vision or Material Dream? 3
ICLT 306 American Nervousness: Mental Health and Madness in American Literature and Culture 3
ICLT 307 Narnia, Middle Earth, and Beyond: Fantasy Realms in Literature 3
ICLT 308 American Contemporary Poetry: Self, Society, World 3
ICLT 309 Literary Journalism of the 1960s 3
ICLT 310 "Neoyorquinos!" Latino Culture in New York 3
ICLT 311 What Was Modernism? Literature and Culture of the Early Twentieth Century 3
ICLT 312 Shakespeare: Old World Meets New 3
ICLT 314 Make a New World! Modern Drama as Political Protest and Social Prophecy 3
ICLT 315 Revolution! From Within and Without: The Art and Literature of Social Change 3
ICLT 316 Literature and Medicine 3
ICLT 317 Gothic Literature and the Aesthetics of Excess, Transgression, and Transcendence 3
ICLT 318 Romantic Literature and the Emerging Sciences of the Mind and Life 3
ICLT 319 The Simple Art of Murder: the Literature of Detection and the Private "I" 3
ICLT 320 Global Literature and Human Rights 3
ICLT 321 LGBT Literature 3
ICLT 322 New York Literature 3
ICLT 323 Irish Literature 3
ICLT 324 Toil and Trouble: The Literature of Work 3
ICLT 325 Cityscapes: The City in World Literature 3
ICLT 326 Travel Literature: Explorations in Cultural Exchange 3
ICLT 327 Rites of Passage: The Literature of Initiation 3
WRIT 335 Writing for Publication 3
One three-credit ICLT course will be used to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement. Students take four additional courses from among the Literature Core, one of which may be a creative writing course.
Total Minor Requirement = 15