D.O./Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (M.S.)

The D.O./M.S. degree provides didactic knowledge at the interface of clinical medicine and nutrition, and develops skills to utilize nutrition in the practice of preventative medicine, wellness, and total body care. Students study preclinical medicine science integrated with courses on the molecular and cellular roles of nutrients in maintaining health and preventing disease. Coursework in nutrition assessment, medical nutrition therapy, and nutrition support enhances student ability to access nutrition resources for patients. Interactive discussions with nutrition faculty and colleagues provide students with an understanding that nutrient status can be altered by the patient’s genetic profile, underlying disease processes, concurrent drug and medical therapy, and lifestyle. As students enter their clinical years, they have multiple opportunities to develop skill in recognizing nutrient alterations in individual patients and in devising nutrient interventions appropriate to each case. Under faculty guidance, students access nutrition support for patients in acute and chronic conditions, and critically evaluate the plethora of nutrition information available to patients and professionals. Upon successful completion of the D.O./M.S. program, students are eligible to apply for credentialing as physician nutrition specialists.

Entrance Requirements

An applicant must have successfully matriculated and completed their first year at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, as well as have the College of Osteopathic Medicine’s approval to apply for the program. See the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (M.S.) program for additional information regarding its requirements and curriculum.