Students sitting in auditorium

First-Year Programs

The first year of college life is crucial to a successful transition and strengthening a student's ability to connect with the New York Tech community. The first-year programs in Long Island and New York City are designed to make the transition easier and focus on teaching students strategies to enhance academic skills, while addressing the need for early social and intellectual bonding with faculty, staff, and peers.

Student Orientation Program: New Student Orientation connects students and their families to the college environment and assists them in making associations necessary to excel at New York Tech. Orientation is one of the first impressions new students have of New York Tech's engaging, exciting, and transformational college experience. The goal of new student orientation is to reaffirm students' decision to become part of our community. Orientation is a critical opportunity for new students to connect with other new students, current students, faculty, and staff, and to prepare them for success.

Orientation Leaders: Orientation leaders assist new students with their transition to New York Tech. Orientation leaders are selected for their academic achievement, leadership skills, and interpersonal qualities. The leaders play an integral role in all facets of first-year programs, including welcoming, mentoring, and providing peer support resources for incoming students.

Peer Success GUIDE Program: Once a first-year student has enrolled for classes, they will be contacted by their Peer Success Guide (PSG) who will provide them with both social and academic support during their transition to New York Tech, and throughout the entire first year. PSGs also direct students to the many services, resources, and events that the Office of Academic Success and Enrichment has to offer. To learn more, visit

My Guide to Success @ New York Tech: This course prepares first-year students by providing them with direct insight into things such as common terms used at New York Tech, improving time management and study skills, and making students aware of what to expect in college. My Guide to Success is uniquely designed to ensure a smooth transition to New York Tech and provide students with the tools and resources to succeed as a new college student.