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School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education

Christian Pongratz, M.Arch., Interim Dean

Mission of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education

The newest school at NYIT, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education, was created to foster interdisciplinary teaching and research. When faculty and students from different disciplines share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects, results are innovative, creative, and offer new ways to solve complex problems. Students who have experience in interdisciplinary coursework and research are better prepared for today’s workplace, where careers increasingly demand versatile skill sets in interdisciplinary team settings. Interdisciplinary projects, whether related to research or teaching, are enthusiastically supported institution wide as a means for developing “best-in-class” work in niche areas at NYIT. The goal of this school is to ensure that there are fewer barriers, more rewards, and an interdisciplinary-based culture that thrives on all NYIT campuses.

In addition, the education component of the school offers preparatory and advanced professional study through the Teacher Education Programs and Advanced Professional Programs. Programs (degree and non-degree certificates) are offered for P–12 teachers, school and district leaders, school counselors, instructional technology specialists, and professional trainers.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Advanced Certificates and Diplomas