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Campus Security

Campus safety and security do not just happen. They take the commitment and cooperation of every member of the university community, from students and faculty to staff and visitors. New York Tech takes the safety of those who study, live, and work on its campuses very seriously. Through the Office of Campus Security, the university strives to deter and respond to campus safety issues. Campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education may be obtained from the security offices listed below or from the United States Department of Education's website for campus crime statistics.

  • Long Island: Director of Security, Simonson House, 516.686.7789,
  • New York City: Director of Security, New Technology Building, 16 W. 61st St., Main Floor, 646.273.7789,

Here for Your Protection

On each campus, students will find an Office of Campus Security that provides continuous, year-round security. These offices are staffed with private security officers who receive ongoing training throughout the year. These security professionals respond to a variety of calls for assistance, from medical emergencies to crimes in progress. Foot and vehicle patrols of campus grounds, buildings, and residence halls are made 24 hours a day on the Long Island campus. The New York City campus has security coverage at all times when the buildings are open. During these patrols, officers also report any conditions they notice that might pose a threat to campus security (such as broken windows or inoperative lights). In addition, the Office of Campus Security provides vehicle assistance to the college community for jump-starts and lockouts. If a student is in need of vehicle assistance, they should call security and give their location and vehicle description.