Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Graduate Courses

A student in an undergraduate degree program is not eligible for federal loans at a graduate grade level based on taking graduate coursework as a part of the undergraduate program. An undergraduate student who elects to enroll in graduate coursework must obtain approval from both the academic department and the Office of the Registrar to have the course(s) designated as required for the undergraduate degree program. Once permission is granted, the course cannot be subsequently designated as a graduate course if/when a student officially enters a graduate program for financial aid purposes.

Additionally, student financial aid cannot be used twice to pay for the same coursework (except as required by law for failed coursework). For example, student financial aid cannot be used to pay for a course designated as undergraduate coursework, then again for the same coursework designated as graduate level. In all cases, the coursework taken must lead to a degree in the enrolled program of study.

Please be aware that financial aid is awarded based on a student's enrollment status and degree/course agreement for the declared program of study.

Reference: 2023–2024 FSA Handbook, Vol. 2, Ch. 2: Program Eligibility, Written Arrangements, and Distance Education