Scholarships and Grants: Graduate Students

Through the generosity of trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, NYIT provides academic scholarships, grants, and assistantships on the basis of academic achievement, high scholastic potential, and demonstrated need and/or ability.

Most scholarships, grants, and assistantships are renewable each fall and spring semester and based on eligibility and funding availability. Students must satisfactorily complete all credits within their program each semester with no incomplete grades to be eligible for the awards for the upcoming semester. Students must also maintain the minimum cumulative GPA each semester as required by the scholarship, grant, and/or assistantship requirements effective at the time of admission to NYIT. Scholarships, grants, and assistantships are applied to tuition only, and divided equally between fall and spring semesters; generally, most are not applicable to any summer session attendance, with the only exception being certain graduate awards within a unique graduate program occasionally being available during a summer semester. Institutional aid is credited to a student’s account after the end of the add/drop period. Any designated “tuition only” awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition and will be reduced accordingly. They are not applicable to any summer session attendance. Students cannot receive two NYIT merit-based academic scholarships concurrently. In the event that a student qualifies for more than one scholarship, the one with the highest dollar value will be awarded.

Students who qualify for special discounted tuition packages may not qualify for other NYIT scholarships, or may have scholarships or discounted tuition packages reduced accordingly. In the case of a tuition discount (e.g., tuition remission), scholarships received for credits taken in excess of maximum allowable discounted tuition will be prorated accordingly based on standard remaining credit ranges. In addition, students may only qualify for one discounted tuition program at a time. Any combination of scholarships and tuition credit awards cannot exceed tuition charges.

Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information on the availability of scholarships, grants, and assistantships.

NYIT reserves the right to revise its financial aid programs. All programs are subject to change due to modifications in government or institutional policies. Additional criteria and information may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid. Students are responsible for reading financial aid disclosures before deciding to accept or reject their financial aid.


Eligibility for NYIT institutional scholarships, assistantships, and grants is limited to students whose campus home location is Long Island (Old Westbury), New York City (Manhattan), or Online. To qualify, a student:

  • Must maintain continuous enrollment
  • Must be taking credits applicable to their matriculated degree program of study
  • Must maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA, as required for specific scholarships
  • Should file their FAFSA application (except international students)
  • Will only be eligible for a scholarship for a maximum of six full-time semesters of continuous enrollment

Following is a list of graduate scholarships, grants, and assistantships offered by NYIT:

NYIT Alumni Recognition Award
This award program acknowledges NYIT’s commitment to the professional success of its alumni. The Alumni Recognition Award is offered to those who hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from NYIT and enroll as fully matriculated students in graduate courses. Awards are granted only for coursework required as part of the student’s enrolled graduate-level degree program. The award applies to fall and spring semesters only. No summer session attendance will be covered under this award. The maximum award for a full-time graduate student is $2,550 per academic year, and students must maintain a 3.0 GPA each semester. A limited number of tuition-only credits are available for alumni and proration may be available under specified circumstances. Please note, you must be in at least three credits per semester for this proration. No combination of scholarships and tuition credit awards will exceed tuition charges. Applications should be submitted once per academic year, and this award is available for up to six semesters. See Financial Aid – Policies and Forms to review and download an application. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 516.686.7680.

Deadlines for the NYIT Alumni Recognition Award:

  • Fall Semester: July 15 (FAFSA for the relevant Academic Year must be on file prior to the award filing deadline)
  • Spring Semester: December 15 (FAFSA for the relevant Academic Year must be on file prior to the award filing deadline)

The Graduate Scholar Award
The Graduate Scholar Award recognizes the talents of graduate students who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their past academic performance. This award consists of a tuition-only credit of up to $3000 for graduate students. Award amounts vary depending on enrollment term and funds availability. This award applies to fall and spring semesters only. The award will be automatically renewed for up to six semesters of graduate study at NYIT if the applicant satisfactorily completes all requirements regarding coursework and maintains a semester and cumulative GPA of at least 3.3, with no incomplete grades or withdrawals. Proration may be available for applicants taking less than nine graduate level credits per semester, but you must register for at least three graduate-level credits per semester for this proration. No combination of scholarships and tuition credit awards shall exceed tuition charges. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 516.686.7680, or visit Financial Aid – Scholarships, Grants, and Self-Help Aid.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship
In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and in recognition of the beliefs that he espoused, this scholarship was established at NYIT. It is awarded through NYIT’s HEOP office and serves as a living testimony to Dr. King’s leadership in the historic struggle for the rights of minority groups in the United States and beyond. The program is designed to attract minority students and alumni of outstanding character, achievement, and leadership potential. Qualified scholarship recipients are required to have high levels of academic achievement and low family incomes. For more information, contact the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program Office at 201.261.1545. Interested students can also send an information request via email to

Combined Program Scholarship
There are several scholarships for students entering the professional or graduate phase of their combined program, excluding B.S./D.O.* students. Because these are specialized scholarships, students should contact the Office of Admissions to explore appropriate scholarship opportunities. Students enrolled in a combined undergraduate/graduate program are considered undergraduate for the first 90 credits for the purposes of awarding federal student aid. Upon satisfactory completion of 90 undergraduate credits, they become eligible to receive federal student loans at the graduate level. Students must apply for the graduate portion of their combined program by contacting the Office of Graduate Admissions (students who have been awarded an undergraduate academic scholarship and continue to meet renewal criteria will receive the scholarship while enrolled in the undergraduate portion of the program, up to 90 credits only). After transition to the graduate level (91+ credits*), students may be eligible for a variety of special scholarship programs depending on the enrolled program of study, cumulative GPA, and other factors.

* Please note: B.S./D.O. students require 115 credits to be completed in the first six semesters of the program. Upon completion of these credits, B.S./D.O. students enter the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine and are under the auspices of NYITCOM’s Financial Aid Office policies pertaining to institutional aid.

NYIT Vancouver Graduate Scholar Award
NYIT offers the Vancouver Graduate Scholar Award to all eligible students in the M.B.A. program at the Vancouver campus. Eligibility for this scholarship is limited to those students whose home location is Vancouver. This award recognizes the talents of entering graduate students who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their past academic performance. For additional information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 516.686.7680.

Additionally, Student Aid British Columbia (SABC) helps eligible students with the cost of their postsecondary education through loans, grants, scholarships, and other programs. For more information, visit