Cooperative Tuition Award: Graduate Students

A Cooperative Tuition Award Certificate entitles the cooperating professional to NON-MONETARY value of the credits requested. The credit value is equal to the credit charge that was in effect on the last day of the placement semester. As such, the cooperating professional will be responsible for all charges not covered by the credit award amount. The certificate is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The certificate may not be used for payment of a prior semester charge.

The following terms and conditions govern the use of the tuition award:

  1. The Cooperating Professional may not transfer the tuition award.
  2. The Cooperating Professional can only redeem this award for Education programs within NYIT College of Arts and Sciences.
  3. No more than six credits may be redeemed per Cooperating Professional per semester; No more than twelve credits may be redeemed per Cooperating Professional per academic program.
  4. Parts 1A/B and 2A on page two of the certificate MUST BE COMPLETED and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid within the stated eligible time frame for verification and approval.
  5. This original tuition award expires THREE CONSECUTIVE SEMESTERS from the end of the placement semester. This expiration term is determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  6. This award entitles the Cooperating Professional to the NON-MONETARY value of the credits for tuition charges. As listed above, this credit value is equal to the credit charge that was in effect on the last day of the placement semester.
  7. Tuition awards CANNOT exceed tuition charges. Other institutional aid may be prorated when a Tuition Award is redeemed.
  8. The Cooperating Professional must meet all requirements for admission to the course or program in which enrollment is sought.
  9. NO CREDITS or REFUNDS will be honored if this certificate is unused or used for fewer than the maximum credits requested.
  10. All outstanding tuition award credits earned but not redeemed within the stated THREE CONSECUTIVE SEMESTER time frame will expire, hold no value, and not be honored.
  11. The university reserves the right to deny certificate redemption, in its sole discretion, where it is unable to confirm that appropriate guidelines have been followed.
  12. This award cannot be used for semesters after the date and term of expiration.
  13. This award is redeemable only for education and school counseling classes.


The Cooperative Tuition Award Certificate expires three consecutive semesters immediately following the placement semester.