Financial Aid for Consortium Agreements: Graduate Students

NYIT students who want to attend other institutions in the United States for a semester may be able to use federal financial aid under a Consortium Agreement. Students must be approved by their respective academic department prior to attending another institution for the semester(s).

At least four weeks prior to the start of the semester(s), students must contact the Office of Financial Aid to complete the Consortium Agreement:

  1. Ensure they have a valid FAFSA on file at NYIT (using Title IV code 002782).
  2. Ensure the institution they plan to attend is Title IV eligible, and is willing to participate in a Consortium Agreement.
  3. Submit a Complete Consortium Agreement form.
  4. Submit an invoice from the Bursar Office of the institution to be attended.
  5. Submit Verification of Enrollment (Course Registration) from the institution to be attended.
  6. Submit contact information from the institution to be attended.
  7. Students must submit the completed Permission to Take Courses at Another College form with all the appropriate signatures (this form may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar).
  8. Summer Consortiums must also include a Seasonal Loan Request form, which can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Ref: 2019–2020 FSA Handbook, Vol. 2, Ch. 2, pp. 2–26, School Eligibility and Operations, (34 CFR 668.39 and CFR 668.50).