Pathway Program – ESL

NYIT offers a Pathway Program for reasons of English proficiency for both undergraduate and graduate students who have scored at least a 5.0 on the IELTS, 41 on the TOEFL iBT, or 36 on the Pearson PTE and meet all other admissions requirements. Broken down into three semester-based levels, students take 18 hours of English instruction per week in addition to academic credits that correspond to their proficiency level. Students attend six hours of reading and writing (ESLI-0X0), six hours of listening and speaking (ESLI-0X2), three hours of grammar (ESLI-0X4), and three hours of an elective course each week for each semester in the program. Students can complete the Pathway Program in one semester or up to one academic year.

Unlike other universities who outsource their pathway programs to vendors, the Pathway Program at NYIT is managed exclusively by NYIT to ensure the maximum opportunity for students to prepare for coursework in academic majors at our institution. The Pathway Program offers electives that give students the edge they need for their academic and professional careers, such as Technical English for College of Engineering and Computing Sciences students, Business English for School of Management students, and Thesis Writing/Advanced Research Discourse for College of Arts and Sciences students.

Undergraduate students attending the pathway program will be required to complete the 040 level (High-Intermediate Academic English) before advancing to the five-credit WRIT-110, Basic Writing and Reading for International Students, and the three-credit FCSP-105 contextualized for undergraduate international students.* These courses will give students the English reading, writing, and speaking skills that they need to thrive in university-level coursework. Graduate students attending the pathway program will be required to take an advanced English elective while completing the Advanced Academic English 050 level.

Point of entry into credit-bearing coursework will be defined by the admitting academic program. The academic program will indicate whether students can enter credit-bearing courses at Level 3, 4, or 5 and prescribe a series of Pathway Program eligible courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. A minimum of one academic credit counting towards the academic program will be taken by a student during the Pathway Program.

Pathway Program Level Placement Scores and Equivalencies
ELI Curriculum
15 hours/week
(all classes required)
ELI Electives Offered
3 hours/week
(choose one class—one elective required)
Level 3
Undergraduate and Graduate
Mid-Intermediate Academic English
OOPT: 41–60
TOEFL iBT: 41–52
TOEFL ITP: 437–473
IELTS: 5.0
PTE: 36–41

Level 4
Undergraduate and Graduate
High Intermediate Academic English
OOPT: 61–80
TOEFL iBT: 53–64
TOEFL ITP: 477–510
IELTS: 5.5
PTE: 42–49

Level 5
Advanced Academic English
OOPT: 81–100
TOEFL iBT: 65–78
TOEFL ITP: 513–547
IELTS: 6.0
PTE: 50–52

Advanced Academic English
OOPT: 81–100
TOEFL iBT: 65–78
TOEFL ITP: 513–547
IELTS: 6.0
PTE: 50–52


  • ESLI 001: Business English Level I
  • ESLI 002: Business English Level II
  • ESLI 003: Business English Level III
  • ESLI 004: Business English Level IV
  • ESLI 005: Business English Level V
  • ESLI 110: Technical English
  • ESLI 115: The American Cultural Immersion Experience, English Through Community Service
  • ESLI 120: Thesis Writing/Advanced Research Discourse
  • ESLI 130: English Reading for Pleasure
  • ESLI 135: English Pronunciation
  • ESLI 140: English Through Film
  • ESLI 145: Public Speaking
  • ESLI 155: English for Urban Planning/Architecture

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at NYIT, and have an IELTS score of 5.0 or TOEFL iBT score of 41 or Pearson PTE of 36 or higher, can visit NYIT Admissions to learn about applying to NYIT and attending our semester-based programs as a pathway to their full admission.

NYIT places students into the appropriate Pathway Program level based on their scores on a valid and reliable English placement exam, a writing diagnostic, and a math placement exam (undergraduate only).

*Pending cohort size.