Student Expenses

NYIT student expenses vary with the individual's academic program, schedule of classes, and whether the student commutes or lives in a residence hall. For the full-time student, fixed costs are tuition and the college fee based on his/her academic program.

Variable costs include housing, transportation, meals on campus, books, and other personal expenses. The cost of meals on campus varies. The average cost is about $400 per semester. This figure does not apply to residential students whose midday meal is covered by their meal plans.

The cost of books and personal expenses depends on the student's major and budget choices for food and leisure activities. The average cost for these items is $900 per semester.

Transportation costs vary by distance from the college and mode of transportation, including whether the student carpools. The per-semester average cost of travel for commuting students is $650. This expense does not apply to residential students. Students with unusual expenses or special budgetary problems should consult the Office of Financial Aid at the campus to which they apply.