Orientation leader giving peace sign

Student Engagement

New York Tech campuses provide a developmental environment that promotes personal responsibility and leadership through involvement in cultural, educational, and social events outside the classroom. Most activities are initiated through student-run, co-curricular, and academic organizations, including publications, radio stations, and groups with social, service, religious, cultural, and special-interest affiliations.

There is an Office of Student Engagement on each New York Tech campus to coordinate co-curricular initiatives and activities, dialogues and discussions, and provide a liaison to student government organizations. Professional staff members advise student organizations, schedule campus facilities for student programs, assist in forming new clubs, promote leadership development, and coordinate an orientation program for new and transfer students.

Academic Clubs: New York Tech academic schools actively advise and support student-run organizations, most of which maintain national affiliation with professional societies. Involvement and membership include participation in special projects, benefits of affiliation with professional societies, and assisting the school and its students in furthering educational programs.

Honor Societies: International and national honor societies that recognize distinction in scholarship and achievement offer membership to high-achieving students. New York Tech has chapters in two nationally recognized, nondiscipline-specific honor societies:

  • Phi Eta Sigma National Freshman Honor Society accepts full-time matriculated students who have earned a 3.5 GPA or higher during the fall or spring semesters of their first year at college.
  • National Society of Leadership and Success is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. Students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.

Discipline-specific honor societies recognize high academic achievement among students majoring in particular subjects. New York Tech has active chapters in a number of discipline-specific national honor societies; membership is open to upperclassmen and graduate students, and each is administered through their respective academic schools.

Student Organizations

Student Government Association: New York Tech’s Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body. The SGA advocates on behalf of student interests—academic, cultural, and social.

Graduate Student Association: This group serves as the governing body and official voice of graduate students. They provide academic and social programming to connect graduate students to the New York Tech community.

Special-Interest Groups: Each campus and its student government offer participation and membership in special-interest clubs where students can connect with peers with similar interests. Additionally, students may work with the Student Government Association to create new special-interest clubs related to interests not already represented.

Social Organizations: Fraternities and sororities play an active role in the student activities program at New York Tech. Emphasis is placed on leadership, friendship, creativity, academic excellence, philanthropic endeavors, and responsibility through social and service projects.

Religious Organizations: There are several student organizations that are active in planning religious, cultural, educational, social, and nonsectarian activities for students, faculty, and staff.

Student Media: The Campus Slate on the Long Island campus is New York Tech’s student-run newspaper founded in 1966. It is published in print and digitally. New York Tech also maintains the student-operated WNYT radio station on the Long Island campus. WNYT is heard online, with Internet-based programming via RealAudio. WNYT Radio also broadcasts sports, giving more exposure to the station, along with universal praise from the music industry. The Manhattan Globe is New York Tech’s student-run newspaper on the New York City campus, recently reactivated and providing New York Tech’s NYC students with the latest campus and current events.