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Neuromusculoskeletal Sciences, M.S.

Pre-Doctoral Academic Medicine Scholarship/Master of Science in Neuromusculoskeletal Sciences

The Pre-Doctoral Academic Medicine Scholarship Program is designed to prepare outstanding medical students for careers in academic medicine, including medical education, research, and clinical practice in an academic healthcare setting. This five-year program allows a College of Osteopathic Medicine student to obtain two degrees—Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and a Master of Neuromusculoskeletal Sciences. The master’s degree will meet a need for dually trained professionals in both osteopathic medicine and clinical/biomedical sciences who can bring both backgrounds to bear in the classroom and the research laboratory.

Those students interested in this Neuromusculoskeletal Sciences M.S. program, please contact the Office of Pre-Doctoral Academic Medicine Scholarship program at:

Matthew Mihlbachler, Ph.D., Director, Academic Medicine Scholars Program, Long Island, N.Y. campus,, 516.686.3808.

Hilliary Sismondo, M.D., Director, Academic Medicine Scholars Program, Jonesboro, A.R. campus,, 870.680.8904.