Curriculum Requirements for the Human Resources Management and Labor Relations, M.S.

Major Requirements

Prerequisite Courses Credits:
MGMT 501 Principles of Management 1.5
QANT 501 Business Statistics 1.5
ECON 501 Principles of Economics I 1.5
ECON 510 Principles of Economics II 1.5
    Total: 6 Credits
All students must satisfactorily complete undergraduate or prior graduate program courses in economics, psychology, management, statistics, and accounting, or certification of competency in these areas by means of a proficiency examination such as CLEP. Consideration of significant work-related experience may be possible for limited undergraduate credit for one or more of the prerequisites. Courses that are regularly offered that may be utilized by students towards fulfillment of this prerequisite requirement include those listed above.
Non-Waivable Program Core Credits:
HRMT 703 Strategic Human Resources Management 3
HRMT 708 Employment and Labor Law and Policy 3
HRMT 714 Organizational Psychology 3
HRMT 722 Financial Decisions for HR Managers 3
HRMT 733 Labor Management Relations 3
HRMT 737 Human Capital Analytics 3
HRMT 744 Managing the Global Workforce 3
    Total: 21 Credits
Human Resources Management (choose three) Credits:
HRMT 802 Talent Management 3
HRMT 803 Managing Change in Organizations 3
HRMT 807 Training and Development of Human Resources 3
HRMT 812 Management of Compensation 3
HRMT 817 Management of Employee Benefits 3
HRMT 822 Alternative Dispute Resolution 3
HRMT 842 The Collective Bargaining Process 3
HRMT 874 Internship in Human Resources and Labor Relations 3
HRMT 875 Human Resources Policies and Procedures 3
HRMT 882 Directed Studies 3
    Total: 9 Credits
It is recommended that students interested in pursuing experiential-based learning enroll into our zero-credit internship BUSIE 650.
Human Resources Management (must choose Seminar AND Examination OR Thesis/Practicum) Credits:
HRMT 883 Comprehensive Examinations 0
HRMT 887 Human Resources Management Seminar 3
HRMT 872 Thesis, Practicum, or Other Approved Research 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Total Required Credits = 33**

**The MSHR/LR program may be completed in as few as 33 credits. The program consists of the non-waivable program core and specialization courses. All students must also complete either both the appropriate seminar and comprehensive examination, or the thesis/practicum/approved research requirement.