Curriculum Requirements for the Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management

Major Requirements

Graduate Course Requirement Credits:
HRMT 703 Strategic Human Resources Management 4
HRMT 708 Employment and Labor Law and Policy 4
HRMT 875 Human Resources Policies and Procedures 3
    Total: 11 Credits
Gradate Course Electives (select two) Credits:
HRMT 714 Organizational Psychology 3
HRMT 722 Financial Decisions for HR Managers 3
HRMT 733 Labor Management Relations 4
HRMT 744 Managing the Global Workforce 3
HRMT 802 Talent Management 3
HRMT 803 Managing Change in Organizations 3
HRMT 807 Training and Development of Human Resources 3
HRMT 812 Management of Compensation 3
HRMT 817 Management of Employee Benefits 3
HRMT 822 Alternative Dispute Resolution 3
    Total: 6–7 Credits
Advanced Certificate students who wish to matriculate in the Master of Science in HR Management and Labor Relations program must follow the process outlined at the School of Management. In most cases, students may apply courses completed in Advanced Certificate Program toward requirements for the M.S. degree.
Total Required Credits = 17