Curriculum Requirements for B.S.B.A. (Accounting Module) Plus M.B.A. (Accounting Specialization)

Discovery Core

Undergraduate Courses: Foundation Credits:
FCWR 101 Writing I: Foundations of College Composition 3
FCWR 151 Writing II: Foundations of Research Writing 3
FCSP 105 Foundations of Speech Communication 3
FCSC 101 Foundations of Scientific Process 3
FCIQ 101 Foundations of Inquiry 3
FCWR 301 Communication for Business 3
    Total: 18 Credits
Undergraduate Courses: Seminar Credits:
ICLT 3XX Literature choice 3
ICPH 3XX Philosophy choice 3
ICBS 3XX Behavioral Science choice 3
ICSS 3XX Social Science choice 3
    Total: 12 Credits
Undergraduate Courses: Math and Sciences Credits:
MATH 125 Finite Mathematics 3
Science Choice 3
    Total: 6 Credits

Major Requirements

Undergraduate Courses: Specific Non-Business General Education Credits:
MATH 151 Fundamentals of Calculus 3
ECON 202 Principles of Economics I 3
ECON 204 Principles of Economics II 3
QANT 201 Statistical Sampling Theory 3
    Total: 12 Credits
Undergraduate Courses Credits:
Liberal Arts Electives 12
Undergraduate Courses: Business Program—Lower Core Credits:
ACCT 101 Accounting I 3
ACCT 110 Managerial Accounting 3
LLAW 110 Legal Environment of Business 3
FINC 201 Corporation Finance 3
MGMT 102 Principles of Management 3
MRKT 102 Introduction to Marketing 3
    Total: 18 Credits
Undergraduate Courses: Business Program—Upper Core Credits:
MIST 315 Information Systems 3
QANT 300 Production and Operations Management 3
QANT 405 Management Science 3
BUSI 405 Business Research and Innovation 3
BUSI 435 Business Policy and Strategy 3
BUSI 495 Professional Enrichment Capstone 0
    Total: 15 Credits
Undergraduate Courses: Accounting Module—Public Accounting Track Credits:
ACCT 102 Accounting II 3
ACCT 302 Federal Taxation I 3
ACCT 216 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACCT 306 Cost Accounting 3
ACCT 411 Auditing 3
ACCT 416 Advanced Accounting 3
    Total: 18 Credits
Undergraduate Courses: Accounting Module—Business Specialization Credits:
LLAW 210 Business Law 3
ACCT 217 Intermediate Accounting II 3
FINC 325 Principles of Investment and Security Analysis 3
    Total: 9 Credits
Students who have completed an undergraduate bachelor's degree elsewhere and meet all admissions requirements to the M.B.A. program, may enroll into the M.B.A. Accounting program. However, in addition to the M.B.A. program requirements all students must either demonstrate (with a grade of C or better) or complete specific undergraduate curriculum requirements (or equivalencies), as per New York State specifications, including the 30-credit Accounting Module.
Graduate M.B.A. Courses: Non-waivable Core Credits:
BUSI 610 Professional Development Seminar 0
ACCT 610 Accounting Analysis 1.5
ECON 610 Macro Environment of Business 1.5
ECON 620 Micro Economic Industry Analysis 1.5
FINC 610 Financial Policy and Value Creation 1.5
FINC 620 Executing and Reporting Financial Market Transactions 1.5
MGMT 620 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior 1.5
MGMT 630 Business Enterprise Environment 1.5
MIST 610 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 1.5
MRKT 610 Branding 1.5
QANT 610 Operations Management 1.5
QANT 620 Multi-Criteria Decision Models 1.5
SBES 601 Ethics and Social Responsibility 1.5
MGMT 650 Strategic Leadership Capstone Project 3
    Total: 21 Credits
The Non-waivable Core is an integrated educational experience where courses are delivered in seven-week modules and are highly interdisciplinary. Modules in this core may not be waived, nor can credit hours be transferred into the School of Management as substitutes for these modules. The core must be completed, in its entirety, in the School of Management.
Graduate M.B.A. Courses: Accounting Specialization Credits:
ACCT 710 Federal Taxation II 3
ACCT 731 Computer-Based Auditing and Research 3
ACCT 732 Not-for-Profit Accounting 3
    Total: 9 Credits
These three required specialized courses are specific to competencies required in the CPA examination and must be completed by all students.
Total Required Credits = 150**

**Depending on the background of the student applicant, the M.B.A. Accounting program can be completed in as few as 30 credits. However, applicants who do not have the requisite background for the program, per New York State requirements, and as stipulated in this section, may be required to complete additional credit hours to achieve the M.B.A. Accounting credential.