Curriculum Requirements for B.F.A. Advertising, Public Relations, and Technology

Discovery Core

Foundations Credits:
FCWR 101 Writing I: Foundations of College Composition 3
FCWR 151 Writing II: Foundations of Research Writing 3
FCSP 105 Foundations of Speech Communication 3
FCSC 101 Foundations of Scientific Process 3
FCIQ 101 Foundations of Inquiry 3
FCWR 3xx Professional Communication choice 3
    Total: 18 Credits
Seminar Credits:
ICLT 3xx Literature choice 3
ICPH 3xx Philosophy choice 3
ICBS 3xx Behavioral Science choice 3
ICSS 3xx Social Science choice 3
    Total: 12 Credits
Math and Science Credits:
Mathematics choice 3
Science choice 3
    Total: 6 Credits

Major Requirements

Advertising, Public Relations, and Technology courses Credits:
ADVG 101 Introduction to Advertising 3
ADVG 150 Planning and Creating Ad Campaign 3
ADVG 160 Media Planning and Buying 3
ADVG 201 Advertising Design Concepts 3
ADVG 215 Global Advertising and PR 3
ADVG 220 Media Production Workshop 4
ADVG 225 Research in Advertising and Public Relations 3
COMM 225 Writing for Mass Media 3
COMM 345 Social Media for Business 3
COMM 363 Externship in Communication Arts 3
COMM 452 Guided Project 2
PREL 101 Public Relations and Publicity I 3
    Total: 36 Credits
Open Electives Credits:
Consult with advisor on any Electives 30
Department Electives Credits:
Consult with advisor on any Electives 10
Transfer student must take at least five credits of Department Electives at NYIT.
Capstone Course (repeatable course, required twice) Credits:
ADVG 420 Experiential Model: Adv/PR Agency 4
    Total: 8 Credits
Must be taken at least twice and is repeatable up to four times.
Total Program Requirements = 120 Credits