Curriculum for the Combined Bachelor of Fine Arts/Master of Arts in Communication Arts*

Discovery Core

Foundations Credits:
FCWR 101 Writing I: Foundations of College Composition 3
FCWR 151 Writing II: Foundations of Research Writing 3
FCSP 105 Foundations of Speech Communication 3
FCSC 101 Foundations of Scientific Process 3
FCIQ 101 Foundations of Inquiry 3
FCWR 3XX Professional Communication choice 3
    Total: 18 Credits
Seminars Credits:
ICLT 3XX Literature choice 3
ICPH 3XX Philosophy choice 3
ICBS 3XX Behavioral Science choice 3
ICSS 3XX Social Science choice 3
    Total: 12 Credits
Math and Science Credits:
Mathematics Choice 3
Science Choice 3
    Total: 6 Credits

Major Requirements

Undergraduate Course Requirements Credits:
COMM 101 Communication: Principles and Process 3
COMM 301 Communications Law 3
COMM 401 Mass Communication in Society 3
DGIM 101 Introduction to Digital Imaging 3
FILM 101 Fundamentals of Film Production 3
JOUR 101 Introduction to Journalism 3
TEVE 101 Fundamentals of TV Production 3
    Total: 21 Credits
Advertising (select one of the following) Credits:
ADVG 101 Introduction to Advertising 3
PREL 101 Public Relations and Publicity I 3
    Total: 3 Credits
History (select one of the following) Credits:
COMM 210 Broadcasting History and Criticism 3
FILM 210 History of Motion Pictures 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Writing (select one of the following) Credits:
COMM 240 Writing for the Mass Media 3
TEVE 340 Scriptwriting I 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Communication Arts Electives Credits:
Consult with advisor on any Electives 23
Non-Major Electives Credits:
Consult with advisor on any Electives 20
Undergraduate Required Credits: 109
Graduate Courses: Core Credits:
COMM 610 Vocabulary of the Media Critic 3
COMM 630 Media and Culture 3
    Total: 6 Credits
Core Requirement (select one of the following) Credits:
COMM 620 Media Research 3
COMM 625 Art in the Era of Mass Communication 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Track Options (select one of the following) Credits:
DGIM 601 Multimedia Production Tools 3
DGIM 700 Advertising Design I 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Graduate Course Requirements
A student's graduate work will begin in the eighth semester at NYIT. At the graduate level, students will take four core courses (12 credits) spread out over the three semesters of graduate work. Students will also select 24 credits of graduate level courses from those listed in our Graduate Catalog. Students should continue to consult with faculty advisors to select electives that will form one of four graduate tracks.
Graduate Electives Credits:
Consult with advisor on any Electives 24
Graduate Required Credits: 36
Total Required Credits = 145 credits

* Please be advised that this program is currently not accepting any new students.