nyitcom instructor and students work with anatomical model

College of Osteopathic Medicine Administration

Office of the Dean

Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O.

Raquel Romanick, J.D.
Associate Dean, Operations

Shelley Cohen, M.B.A.
Director, Finance

Karen Deasy, B.A.
Director, Development

Academic Affairs Office

Peter Dane, D.O.
Associate Dean

Claire Bryant, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Educational Operations

William Blazey, D.O.
Assistant Dean, Pre-Clinical Education

Barbara Capozzi, D.O.
Assistant Dean, Clinical Education

Amber Chess, M.A.
Academic Enrichment Specialist

Feona Elliot, M.P.S.
Senior Specialist, Clinical Education

Christine Hutak, Ph.D.
Coordinator, DPC Curriculum

Abraham M. Jeger, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Academic Outreach & Site Development

Donna-Marie McMahon, D.O.
Director, DPC Curriculum

Cheryl Newman, M.S.
Academic Enrichment Specialist

Clinical Services & Facilities Office

Brian Harper, M.D.
Medical Director, Academic Health Care Center

Medical Library

Jeanne Strausman, M.L.S.
Medical Librarian, NY campus

Sloane Kelley, M.S.
Library Director, AR campus

Research Office

Kurt Amsler, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Research

Bhuma Krishnamachari, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, Research

Min-Kyung Jung, Ph.D.

Student Administration Office

Mary Ann Achtziger, M.S.
Associate Dean

Anne Marie Kemp, M.A.
Specialist, Student Administration

Jessica Nami, LMHC
Associate Driector, Counseling & Wellness

Susan Payette, M.S., M.A
Manager, Student Compliance & Reporting


Gina Moses, M.Ed.

Edward Dettling, M.S.
Associate Director

Ramon Villongco, M.B.A.
Associate Director

David Oroza, M.S.
Assistant Director

Daniel Scarano, M.A.
Assistant Director

Christine Zembis, B.S.
Specialist, Application Processing

Financial Aid

Clair Jacobi, B.S.

Tanya Patterson-Stanley, M.P.S.

Thomas Reilly, M.S.
Associate Director

Student Life

Linda Darroch-Short, M.S.

Erica Bomani, M.S.

Student Services and Alumni Affairs

Felicia Bruno, M.A.
Assistant Dean

Danielle Abbatiello, M.A.
Assistant Director, Medical Student Performance Evaluations

Marie Aldridge, B.A., B.S.
Senior Career Advisor

Mary Bachmann, M.S.
Associate Registrar

Deborah Heineman, M.A.
Senior Specialist, Graduate Programs and Alumni Tracking

Esther Hevia, M.P.S.
Manager, Alumni Affairs

Jason Lasky, B.A.
Assistant Registrar

Julianna Viviani, M.A.
Senior Career Advisor

Diane Williams, B.S., B.A.
Manager, STEP Program

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University Campus

Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O.
Vice President for Health Sciences and Medical Affairs

Shane Speights, D.O.
Site Dean, NYIT at Arkansas State University

Blake Bradley, M.S.
Associate Director, Student Life

Clair Collins, M.A.
Associate Director, Admissions

Amanda Deel, D.O.
Assistant Dean, Clinical Education

Tammy Fowler, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean, Student Administration

Holly Proffitt, M.A.
Assistant Registrar

Amy Moody-Qualls, M.A.
Academic Enrichment Specialist

Andrea Read, D.O.
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Vicki Walker, Ed.S
Associate Director, Financial Aid

Sharon Zimmerman, M.P.A.
Assistant Dean, Planning and Operations